this one's for the actors and people who like reading monologues
🏎️ vroom vroom 🏎️
potentially the silliest, shortest newsletter I have ever sent, don't miss it!!!!!!
We are offering a unique and exciting opportunity for playwrights and we know you’ll feel eternally grateful just for being considered!!!!
well, all tickets have been sold but I refuse to not brag about all these dumb memes I’ve made!!!
Reserve your pay-what-you-want ticket to It's For You before they're all gone!
this Friday 8/14 at noon Eastern!
We're gonna try to figure out why I dog-eared pages in all these books.
"They're either best friends or mortal enemies, and it's nearly impossible to tell (laughs)."
"I'll be seeing you ;)"
I said hey yeah yeah yeah, look in here for personal news and orgs to support
oh is this not google?