19 Notes From My Notes App

OF COURSE I prepped a newsletter for today and it DEFINITELY was this all along

First and foremost - I’ve been considering hosting a regular open thread, maybe once a month on a Wednesday morning (9am? 10am? [EST]) through this newsletter. Is that something y’all would be interested in? It’d be a place for me to ask you a question, and all of us to discuss it together (or anything else if you so choose! I can’t control you!) Reply back and let me know if you’d like that.

Alright, back to my regularly scheduled newsletter that I definitely prepped for today.

I mean, technically, I wrote the notes in my Notes app so in that I was prepping for this newsletter, which is literally just a selection of notes in my Notes app. Some of these go back to 2014 and I can’t remember why the hell I jotted many of them down. Enjoy!

  1. what i don’t know about what i don’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  2. is shown through magnifying glasses, reflections, fluttering wings. The deepest vulnerability is always lurking around the corner (I’m pretty sure I took this note while watching the Duke of Burgundy?)

  3. “I guess I’m just some part of nature that keeps pouring and pouring” (Carolee Schneeman)

  4. Growing Yourself
    Abandon . You must leave something behind.

  5. A case for live streaming as the hybrid of film and theatre

    theatre - real and not real, ability to affect the performance

    twitch - stream sniping shroud/banana man
    chat audience

  6. 82 x 90 curtains

  7. My arm keeps twitching but when I look it stops
    I can’t even see the moon with her

  8. Where does the rusted, heavy metal door in the moss covered wall lead
    Why does it open on a highway
    Why is the bottom left corner of the door bent all the way out and up - like something escaped

  9. There are not words to describe who I am yet

  10. weird dreams: man disappearing into white noise and needed proof of his ancestry to stay?

    laying on a hotel bed, wishing i was home, and another me is born from the wall but they are missing half of their upper torso. something to do with a boss? we look out the window and a guy (i know him?) is chatting the boss up. Second me asks why I brought the guy here. Wouldn’t take no for answer. Good riddance, they say. I feel worried and guilty but I’m not sure why. Woke up

  11. finding joy in the act of speaking up to power
    ethics and desire to opt out of traditional american values
    ability to reclaim and repurpose public and private space
    america by ginsburg
    capitalism begets violence because of the violence inflicted on the people who live in it (I’m fairly sure someone else said this last line, but I couldn’t find it)

  12. Pete gifts (list redacted bc Pete is subscribed to this newsletter)

  13. “Show them the trick, then destroy it” (was this a quote from a magician?)

  14. What does it mean to create, to literally build, your physical god?
    twilight mirage versus nier
    alien covenant

  15. There is a special way of saying “I’ll be back,” a way that communicates you both know it to be untrue, that you both want it harder than anything but cannot control the daily movement of the rest of the world around you. But it didn’t matter if it was true or not, they knew what he really meant. “I’ll be back” wasn’t a promise. It was an admittance: I am but human and doomed to fail, but you will be in the forefront of my mind when it happens.

  16. One person plays a hive of ants

  17. #pride #reclaimpride #welikeourqueersoutofuniform #nocopsatpride #antimilitarism

  18. The visitors
    There’s something about the line “once again I fall into my feminine ways” that’s lovely but overwhelmingly melancholy for me - a trans person who hasn’t completely eschewed “““femininity””” but definitely flirts more with my society’s ideas of “““masculinity”””

  19. GMing ideas:
    Deep Space Nine episode where the team was turned into game pieces
    Competing libraries

Britt A Willis writes this newsletter and is a playwright, game writer, and designer in Washington, DC. You can find out more about their work at brittawillis.com or follow them on Twitter @feelingfickle.