Extremely Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Person still preparing their Halloween costume

Props/clothes needed: scissors, hot glue gun, tears


Props/clothes needed: an ill-fitting suit from the thrift store, self-doubt dipped in self-satisfaction

A body snatcher

Props/clothes needed: yourself wearing a completely blank expression

Sports fan

Props/clothes needed: a sports shirt and/or hat

2018 You

Props/clothes needed: an outfit from the back of your closet, a sense of foreboding

2020 You

Props/clothes needed: your favorite outfit with an “I Voted” sticker, a sense of exhaustion

2019 Me

Props/clothes needed: joggers and hoodie, couch, oversized blanket, a sense of general constant sleepiness

Rose from the Titanic

Props/clothes needed: comfort with complete nudity, couch, the Heart of the Ocean


Props/clothes needed: nothing specific, just yell takes at everyone until they remove themselves from your presence

Someone with four ears

Props/clothes needed: they sell cat ears everywhere now

Decaying flesh pasted with blood and muscles over an ever-weakening skeleton

Props/clothes needed: yourself, optional anxiety


Image by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash. Image description: medium shot of a skeleton with their hand on their chin in assumed contemplation.

Britt A Willis writes this newsletter and is a playwright, game writer, and designer in Washington, DC. You can find out more about their work at brittawillis.com or follow them on Twitter @feelingfickle.