Join me this Friday on IG Live!

We're gonna try to figure out why I dog-eared pages in all these books.

[Image description: A photo of a stack of 12 books, spines facing away, on a bookshelf. some of the pages are clearly dog-eared. Above the photo in large text is “DOG EARS” below in smaller text is “FRI, 8/7 @ NOON EST | IG LIVE”]

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This Friday at 12pm Eastern I’ll be on IG Live looking through pages I (or previous owners???) dog-eared in various books for about an hour. I’ll read any notable excerpts on the page and chat a bit about why I was drawn to it (or try to remember why I was drawn to it).

No, I will NOT promise to stop doing this to books, but PLEASE join to berate me or share your own dog-eared pages. You can even request to be part of the Live and I’ll pull you onto the screen with me!

This was inspired by Rob Neill (@astronautone) opening mail on the San Francisco Neo-futurists’ IG (@sfneofuturists) - consider giving them a follow too!

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