Submission Opportunity for Abnormal… uh… Different? Playwrights

We are offering a unique and exciting opportunity for playwrights and we know you’ll feel eternally grateful just for being considered!!!!

Are you a member of the New, Diverse America? We hired a consultant for a one-day workshop and she said there was an America different than our predominately white, cis, abled staff. So basically, like... are you not Normal? OR if you are Normal - you know, like us - then are you willing to write about characters who aren’t Normal? (We’re pretty sure that counts.) 

Then we’d love for you to submit to our opportunity! In fact, you in particular are what we’re particularly seeking! Please tell us your pronouns so we can proceed to get them wrong! We can’t wait to get to know you, and for you to make us feel better when we slip up.

(But also, if you are Normal, and writing plays about Normal people, then go ahead and submit. We’d love to consider you as well. Normals can skip the pronoun question.) 

If you’re just one flavor of Not Normal, that’s great! But if you’re multiple flavors of Not Normal, that’s even better!!!!! (It’d be really great to just get this out of the way with one play, you know?) But only, like, up to two flavors? Three might be too much for us right now. Try again in 2031! We’ll probably be able to handle three by then!

Our opportunity is unique and exciting and we know you’ll feel eternally grateful just for being considered! And we’ll be eternally grateful when you tell everyone how grateful you are!

We’re so ready to show you and the world the things we learned in 2020, and how much we changed - which was a lot if you think we needed to, but also wasn’t a lot because, you know, we didn’t need to change that much. Seriously, in 2019 we had one play by a Black playwright and four by women!!!! Oops! Three by women! (One of those four women was non-binary, haha!)

This opportunity DOES PAY enough to cover part of the required travel AND in connections - see, you’re also required to come to our next gala and tell people how nice we are! It’s a great place to meet rich people looking for a pet project!! ;) 

We can’t wait to hear from you! You won’t hear from us if you aren’t selected because we’re paid hourly, so it’d really just be a waste of time and money to send you an email, you know? 

You’re welcome!

It’s For You is back, this time produced by 4615 Theatre Company. I hope you’ll get a ticket so we can chat!

It’s For You is an approximately hour long one-on-one phone conversation with me. I play myself, you play yourself, and together we’ll talk about our environments, our feelings, and some poetry I just can’t get out of my head. We’ll also create a new poem together.

Feels like: someone handing you the landline when unexpected phone calls were still an exciting thing, or that third hour in your first overnight conversation with a new crush.


If you’re financially able, please consider supporting DC-based mutual aid networks and organizations. Please also look into your local Black Lives Matter chapter (here’s BLM in DC) and assist their mutual aid efforts through donations and showing up to support as needed. 

Britt A Willis writes this newsletter and is a playwright, game writer, and designer. You can find out more about their work at, read their plays on NPX, or follow them on Twitter @feelingfickle.