SUPERSTARS: Racing Icons is here!!!

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Last year Pete and I started closely following Formula 1 (after watching Drive to Survive on Netflix). We were delighted by these short, driven (racing pun) princes in their very fast cars, and the workings and drama of the sport itself. We also already loved racing sequences in movies like Speed Racer, The Fast and the Furious series, and yes also Mission Impossible 2, it was a pretty easy conversion to F1 fandom for us.

Sooooo we made a tabletop roleplaying game about racing!

In Superstars: Racing Icons you & your friends play as racing drivers in a universe of your choosing. Race hard. Create drama. Fall in love with your enemies, ally with your rivals, fight with your friends. Do whatever you need to cement yourself as a legend of the sport, on the track or off.  ⁣Winners get champagne, legends last forever.⁣

Superstars: Racing Icons is a hack of the EXCELLENT Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands by Meguey and Vincent Baker of Lumpley Games (you should absolutely check out Firebrands if you haven't already!)

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One of the things I particularly enjoy about Racing Icons is how it focuses on the interpersonal dynamics between drivers and how those can come into play in races, and be affected by races. You don’t really need to know much about racing to play it! Also I like that you can kiss your rivals! There’s a section that makes space for being intimate with another driver (with their consent) that can be physical OR not!

Racing Icons costs $10 but you can always tip more. If you are unable to budget $10 I offer free community copies (just scroll down the game page). Community copies are provided on all my paid games for people undergoing financial hardship and are offered with no judgment or questions asked.

Also please please consider leaving a review on for the game. Reviews are the only way to get my work seen more frequently on Also feel free to reach out to Pete and me on Twitter or by replying to this email if you want to share your experience with the game!

Become a racing icon

Wanna know more about the process of making this game? Here’s a whole Twitter thread!

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