Variations on a meme

potentially the silliest, shortest newsletter I have ever sent, don't miss it!!!!!!

different (mis)spellings of my name and who they are as a variation on this meme about nicknames:

Britt 8/10: fashionable pretty boi, falls asleep on the couch

Brett 0/10: plays guitar at parties when no one asked him to

Brott 100/10: total himbo, just happy to be here, SEND IT!!!

Bruv 100/10: British Brott

Brant -100/10: cancelled, probably in the military

Brent 2/10: the pleasant guy who's otherwise forgettable in every way, he will buy you a drink though

Brat 5/10: just a sausage, it’s fine?

Brut 6/10: unsweetened, very dry

Bryt -10/10: from the future, probably an alien, has found a way to exist outside of a corporeal body (+10) but isn’t willing to tell the rest of us (-20)